About Me


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I love writing, traveling, and using multimedia as a means to communicate with the world.

“About Me” pages used to terrify me. How do you accurately sum up your professional and personal goals on a one-sheet for the world to see? More recently, I’ve settled with the notion that anyone who truly wants to know my background will reach out to do so. I prefer organic methods.

I believe that life is truly a journey of learning and growing. As such, I have had a handful of differing professional experiences. I have served as a blogger for places like ForRent.com and Thrillest. Marketing continues to be a focal point in my career trajectory, as I have interned with numerous arts organizations, like the Ashland Symphony Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and I even spent time at a law firm in Pittsburgh, PA.

The worst thing that a human can do is set limits upon her/himself, thus, I do not like to pinpoint my “niche” in this world.

I have attained a B.A. in business administration and an M.A. in media communications with a journalism specialization.

Feel free to contact me at candice.marie.mcdermott@gmail.com or check out my LinkedIn.

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