Bison Media Creating Opportunities for PPU Students

The opportunity to apply classroom experiences to real-world projects of advertising and public relations has spurred Point Park University students to create a full service agency to help publicize events and other things for campus organizations.

By: Candice McDermott

Bison Media, temporarily named Spark Media, will launch as a student-run advertising agency at Point Park University. On campus clubs will have the ability to reach out to Bison Media for free marketing, as a student-for-student agency run through PRSSA and AdFed.

“The students came up with this on their own, and I support them one-hundred percent,” said Robert O’Gara, professor of public relations and advertising at Point Park University.

Bison Media will serve as AdFed and PRSSA’s club agency, where marketing services will be offered to clubs and organizations around the Point Park University campus. The agency is designed to create more buzz around campus about PPU happenings, and to provide opportunity for students who desire exposure to marketing projects.

“We are going to enhance the communications of all the student clubs so that more students can get involved, and they can be aware of activities,” said O’Gara.

Bison Media will allow students to get experience in advertising and public relations, apply theories discussed in classes, and will help to build a diverse portfolio for all students. For the clubs, the benefit of Spark Media is simple: free marketing. The new agency provides content for clubs so they can focus on their meetings, events, and classes.

“Internships are great, but some students don’t have the time, the portfolio or qualifications, so this will be great for the students in the program. It will help us build portfolios, get resume builders, and gain actual experience; it’s a great middle step,” said Emmiley Stern, Senior PR and advertising student at PPU and President of AdFed.

“Bison Media great way to build within the community and to build interpersonal relationships with each other. Our skills sets as PR and advertising students are so diverse that it would almost be a shame not to utilize that,” said Alexander Cromer, Junior Advertising and PR Student.

Bison Media will offer services like graphic design, social media, event planning, and press management. The agency will accept students from all majors and members who are not officially registered with AdFed and PRSSA.

Autumn Barszczowski a Freshman PR and advertising student at PPU reflects upon the opportunities that Bison Media presents, “I will be able to learn things from the organization that I haven’t learned from my classes and be able to apply these to my classes and visa-versa; they play off of each other.”

This full-service agency seeks to offer on-campus organizations quality marketing content that provides little hassle to them. To find out more, visit AdFed & PRSSA’s Facebook page.

View article in The Globe HERE

Robert O’Gara talks about the projects that Bison Media will tackle for on-campus organizations.

Audio By: Candice McDermott


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