Saturday’s Zombie Party 2015 is a Success

Zombie Party
Photo By: Tim Russell

A night of live music, Pittsburgh food vendors, Zombie cocktails, local beer, and a few local zombie enthusiasts, made for an energized night under the 31st Street Bridge on Saturday, August 29th.

By: Candice McDermott

The Zombie Party 2015 began at 5:00 p.m. in celebration of Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery’s release of its Queen’s Share Double Barrel Rum, awarded Best-In-Class Rum at the 2015 American Craft Spirits Association annual spirits competition. Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery released its latest finish of Double Barrel Queen’s Share when it opened on Saturday morning at 11 am. This annual event was hosted by Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery, along with Squirrel Hills Independent Brewing Company and Lawrenceville’s House of the Dead.

Photo By Candice McDermott
Photo By Candice McDermott

Upon arriving to the party, guests of all ages could present their pre-purchased $25 ticket, or buy a ticket at the door for $30, which included three drink tickets to be used for their selection of the classic zombie cocktail drink, inspired by inventor Donn Beach.

“The classic zombie cocktail drink has three rums and other ingredients within the drink, and one of these rums must be an over-proof. The Double Barrel Queen’s Share serves as the over-proof in the zombie drinks that are being served tonight,” said Tim Russell, Owner and Distiller at Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery, on Saturday.

The groovy tunes of Pittsburgh’s live performing bands, DJ Zombo’s Royal Shakes and surf rock music from The Turbosonics kept the beat moving, as locals made their rounds to local food vendors including: the PGH Taco Truck, PGH Crepes, PGH Po’Boy, and Blowfish BBQ. Along with the tasty eats, guests experienced various zombie cocktail recipes and beer.
Peter Kurzweg, Bar Manager at the Independet Brewing Company said on Saturday,”{t}his event is like any other event that we do on any day that we are open; we only serve Western Pennsylvania craft beer. Street festivals, we feel, should be no exception to that. We provide top-notch beer from local breweries.”

The Independent Brewing Company provided beer from several local breweries including: Night of the Living Stout from Full Pint Brewing (North Versailles, PA), East End Brewing Company, and Grist House Brewing Company.

To promote safety, Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery partnered with The Pear, which is a company that drives the guest and their car home safely. A 10% discount on the ride home from the Zombie Party was provided to all the zombie enthusiasts.

Booths hosting merchandise from both the House of the Dead and Spooky Kelly ensured that zombie lovers could fulfill their buying needs. Spooky Kelly featured hand-crafted t-shirts, sleep wear, and sweaters made of second-hand materials given an eerie twist. The House of the Dead offered apparel, buttons, and even coffee beans for the undead.

When reflecting upon last year’s Zombie Party, Chuck Cramer, Co-owner of House of the Dead said on Thursday, August 20th, “… we had some rain and had to move the party inside… this year the weather is supposed to be nice; either way, we are under the bridge, so we will be covered.”

Saturday’s slight overcast and light breeze, made for the perfect weather for a party. As the night began to sink in, a full-moon was found hovering over the zombie crowd. The Zombie Party 2015 wrapped up at 10:00 p.m., leaving guests to wander beneath the looming, lunar-glow.

Zombie lovers can anxiously await next year’s Zombie Party; there are sure to be more tasty zombie cocktail recipes and local Pittsburgh favorites.

Find the article publish in The Globe here.

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