Point Park Alumni Perform in Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s A Servant To Two Masters

Servant To Two Masters
Courtesy of Pittsburgh Public Theater

Pittsburgh Public Theatre will showcase Point Park University alumni in its upcoming production.

By: Candice McDermott

When Erin Lindsey Krom learned she was to be cast in A Servant To Two Masters in the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s winter production, she was excited to be working with fellow Point Park University alumni Daina Michelle Griffith for the first time.”

Daina Michelle Griffith for the first time. Both actresses are Point Park University alumni.

“It’s awesome because we have always respected each other’s work, and we get along as friends… I get to see her acting method,” said Krom.

Krom, a Pittsburgh native, graduated from Point Park College (PPC) in 2005 and has been seen performing in Pittsburgh CLO, PICT, Front Porch Theatricals, and The REP. She is now living in New York City where she continues to pursue her acting career.

Griffith graduated from PPC in 2003, and she is now performing in her seventh production at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. She has also performed at Regional/NYC: Human Race Theatre, The Gateway, Kansas City Starlight, The REP, and PICT.

Carlo Goldoni’s A Servant To Two Masters was written in 1746. He focused this comedy on Italian life and the cravings for love, money, and of course, food using earlier commedia street theatre influences. British writer Lee Hall, known for his blockbuster movie and hit musical Billy Elliot, adapted Goldoni’s play in 1999 for a contemporary audience. The struggles between “upper” and “lower” classes and prevailing love are addressed in this satirical play.

A Servant To Two Masters is the 50th production directed by Ted Pappas for Pittsburgh Public Theater. Pappas has set his production in Venice, Italy in 1965, a time of mini-skirts, music, and big hair.

“Well, it’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of running around and doors slamming and food flying; there’s a lot choreography involved in telling the story, but that’s also part of the fun,” said Ted Pappas.

Clarice (Erin Lindsey Krom) and Silvio (Patrick Cannon) want to marry and need the blessing of their rich fathers, Pantaloon (Bill Buell) and Dr. Lombardi (Scott Robertson). But when Beatrice (Jessica Wortham) shows up in drag, it throws a monkey wrench into their plans. As she gets ready to stay at the Inn of Brighella (Bob Walton), Beatrice hires manic Truffaldino (Jimmy Kieffer) to be her manservant.  Meanwhile unbeknownst to Beatrice, Truffaldino goes to work for her lover, Florindo (David Whalen), as well. A man of great appetites, Truffaldino figures that two jobs means more free meals and more money to spend on the sexy and sassy Smeraldina (Daina Michelle Griffith).

“She’s not the quintessential kind of maid. She’s a little bawdy… a lot bawdy I should say. She’s kind of brutally honest for a ladies maid, and she meets Truffaldino,” said Griffith.

“It’s really fun to get to work on such a great production with such a great cast and a great director and have it be our first time together,” said Krom.

At a low cost of $15.75 per ticket, PPU students are invited to experience a night of laughter at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, November 5th to December 6th at the O’Reilly Theatre.

“College is a time to explore what you like and what you don’t like. You might go to a hockey game one night and a play the next night. You might love both and you might love one and never go back to the other, but it’s a good time to try it,” said Margie Romero, Communications Manager at Pittsburgh Public Theater.

For tickets call 412.316.1600 or visit ppt.org.

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Daina Michelle Griffith reflects upon her character, Smeraldina.

Erin Lindsey Krom reflects upon her character, Clarice.

Director, Ted Pappas describes the difficulties of directing A Servant to Two Masters.

Audio By: Candice McDermott